RelaxHolidays: the recommended periods to visit Puglia

Let's dispel the myth of the summer! The best season to relax in Puglia and enjoy the beauties of this land, without the confusion of peak periods for tourism, are the spring and autumn months. A land full of events and culinary delights even in mid-seasons, Puglia will guarantee an excellent stay even in the cooler periods of the year.

Furthermore, the south, with its Mediterranean climate, will maintain high temperatures even in the autumn months and will warm up quickly after winter!

Furthermore, the masserie are the perfect place to enjoy the awakening of nature, the sea and even good food.

In these periods of the year, Puglia offers tourists who choose it, unusual scenarios of deserted beaches and a crystal clear sea. In addition, its small villages in the country show themselves in their authenticity with their slow pace of daily life.

The Masseria, residing mostly inland, a few kilometres from the sea, is touched by the sea breeze and the freshness of the greenery that surrounds it, recreating bucolic scenarios.

The characteristic villages of Puglia, which enjoy a great psychophysical well-being, remain active thanks to the historic centres that offer services all year round, giving the opportunity to those who want to buy a house for their "good retreat".

The quality of life is also reinforced by the good food that this generous land offers all year round, not in the warmer seasons, giving visitors a cost of living that remains even lower than the standards of other places.

The holiday in Puglia and Salento during the months of May-June or September-October allows you to discover all this.

A holiday in Puglia means immersing yourself in a truly special reality! Warm, welcoming and friendly people, fantastic sandy and rocky beaches, sunny countryside dotted with vineyards and olive groves, ultra-millenary historic cities and towns, mystical castles, typical products and exceptional dishes and much more!

Book your holiday in Masseria Brigantino to live your dream of relaxation and well-being every month of the year!

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