The Brigantino winter location is officially open

Find out where to live a unique experience even in the coldest seasons in Puglia

Located in the heart of Puglia, Masseria Brigantino is a refuge for all those who wish to enjoy an unforgettable holiday, immersed in the nature and tranquillity of the Apulian countryside.

Brigantino is an ancient structure recently acquired by a family from Fasano and subjected to conservative restoration, with local techniques and workers who, through the use of stones, mortars, tuffs, wood and wrought iron, have allowed to keep the soul unaltered, and the original aspect of the style of the typical Apulian Masseria.


Why stay in an Apulian Masseria?

The Masserie in Puglia were built in agricultural areas and some date back to the Middle Ages.

These are strong structures in local stone once inhabited by farm laborers, or even by the landowners themselves, and used as stables and deposits for fodder.

The old Masseria in Puglia represent the model of the house enclosed by high walls and a central space (yard or courtyard), overlooked by the entrances of the various buildings.

Each element of the typical Apulian Masseria tells a fascinating history of the territory and protects the oldest secrets of this land which for centuries has represented a safe passage for many peoples.

Some of these Masserie in Puglia, owned by richer families, were built with walls and defensive towers to defend themselves even from the attacks of the Moors.

Today you can stay in a Masseria to experience something unique and absolutely out of the ordinary. These impressive buildings, which were once the heart of the local economy, have now undergone a strong revaluation, after years of neglect, returning to being strong cultural and historical centres.

Some of the Apulian Masserie have been handed down from generation to generation or recently purchased to give them a new face, and today they are highly prestigious accommodation facilities, able to offer a comfortable, very pleasant and above all characteristic holiday!

Historic buildings such as Masseria Brigantino, retain some peculiarities intact which, after the conservative restoration, have come back to life: classic architectural details, unique of their kind, such as the stone vaults, columns, tuffs and marbles, have been flanked by modern details that enrich its beauty.


The winter location of Masseria Brigantino

Masseria Brigantino offers a solution to those who want to "heal" from everyday stress.

It wants to be a safe haven where you can regenerate mind and body, thanks to the tranquillity that lies within these mighty walls, which are in turn surrounded by two hectares of olive groves that tell centuries of history.

Just like Masseria Brigantino, its winter location, Masseria Torrelonga, officially opened starting this autumn for the first time after years of restoration, wants to offer guests relaxation, fun and a little taste of the most authentic Puglia.

Masseria Brigantino, will close for the colder months and will leave room for its winter location, which will remain open for all four seasons!

An equally magical place, characterized by the same hospitality of Brigantino and by the typical warmth that Puglia knows how to infuse, even in the coldest months!


Torrelonga: find out more about the ancient masseria

Masseria Torrelonga is an articulated structure, equipped with a single large central body - where the 5 suites are arranged, each equipped with every comfort, which is accessed by a double and large entrance courtyard, used as a reception space and entertainment for guests.

The name "Torrelonga" originates from having been a watchtower, therefore with a high view of the surrounding area, with fortified walls that rise and surround vast gardens and centuries-old olive groves.

To find out more details click here and take a look at Masseria Torrelonga, the winter location of Masseria Brigantino, where you can experience Puglia at 360 degrees even in the coldest seasons!

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