The original style of
Apulian Masseria

The history of our Apulian Masseria is suggestive, enchanting and centuries-old.
Originally linked to the escape of Basilian monks from the East, in Salento and the Itria Valley they bear witness to Apulia's Byzantine past: they were born in solitary and wooded places (forests, hillsides) as caves and shelters in crumbly rock, then adapted into dwellings , to places of prayer and rest.

Agricultural sites gradually grow around them, equipped with an oil mill, manor house and stables until they gradually and slowly over time became a real masseria. The Masseria Brigantino, which name seems to refer to the widespread peasant legend that these sacred places of the Basilian monks became a refuge for bandits over time, preserves its original soul, atmosphere and appearance unchanged; it was subjected to conservative restoration, taking advantage of local artisanal experiences (workers, techniques, materials such as stones, mortars, tuff brinks, wood and wrought iron), without losing its enchantment and charm at all. The underground oil mill in the Masseria Brigantino deserves special mention, certainly worth visiting as evidence of a place of hiding and prayer first for the monks, then for the bandits, and finally as an essential part of the farm. Masseria Brigantino is surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of centuries-old olive trees, some even multi-millennial, as far as the eye can see; it has 4 rooms with an independent entrance (ancient renovated sheep stables), whose an access path which runs along a short perimeter of citrus trees and ends in a large garden, in an area characterized by English lawn, in the centre of which stands an ancient well, all entirely bordered by maritime pines and intact dry stone walls. In this relaxation area you can admire the profile of Torre Canne in perspective in the blue Adriatic Sea and enjoy the breeze offered by the pine trees themselves. Furthermore, there are 5 rooms in the main body, once the main house of the Masseria. Breakfast is served for the guests of the structure both in a splendid natural cave, the original space for aging and preservation of dairy products and more generally for culinary preparation, and in the external space adjacent to it, also surrounded by dry stone walls and lush caper plants: in both environments a sensorial experience is consumed that moves between the smells, colours and vision of the ancient citrus grove and its captivating garden. Last but not least, a holiday in Masseria Brigantino is made even more pleasant and seductive by the creation of a relaxation area, equipped with a natural swimming pool and a whirlpool with salt water, also surrounded by ancient stones and mastic olive groves and carob trees. The whirlpool is situated in an old sheepfold, heated in the spring and autumn months. Guests are reminded that the structure is "adults only" to relax and fully enjoy the services made available, such as the swimming pool, the relax area and every space of the Masseria. Therefore, the structure guarantees hospitality only to children aged 15 or over.

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