The marvellous centuries-old olive trees
The roots of our land

A land rich in tradition, beauty and culture, kissed by the sun, caressed by the sea breeze and surrounded by the most mysterious history and legends! The favourable climate has welcomed a tree that for centuries has been the protagonist of the wide and expansive Apulian countryside, the olive tree, a precious gift that the earth offers us and from which to obtain the precious Apulian extra virgin olive oil. The history of Apulian oil is very ancient and is deeply intertwined with that of the region that hosts it. Rich in symbolic and cultural references, with its majestic and sculptural trunks, its indomitable and sparkling foliage, the olive tree has shaped the territory and the Apulian landscape. The first discoveries of olive cultivation in Puglia date back to the Neolithic period (5000 BC) and the greatest concentration is found right between the territory of Ostuni, Monopoli, Fasano and Carovigno.

A tour of the giant plain of olive trees
Today that part of Puglia between the territory of Ostuni, Monopoli, Fasano and Carovigno represents the area with the greatest concentration of centuries-old olive trees, many of which are certainly millenary. It is precisely from this area that one of the oldest streets passes, the Via Traiana built by the Emperor Trajan about 2 thousand years ago to facilitate the communication of Rome with the port of Brindisi and with the East. And it is precisely in this area that Masseria Brigantino is located with its natural park of Secular Olive Trees. Immersed in a splendid setting in the countryside of Fasano, the Masseria is characterized by its majestic olive grove with specimens dating back to more than 2000 years ago. Enjoying this sight immersed in the quiet of the countryside, lulled by the sound of the wind and the flow of spring water represents a sensory experience that is difficult to repeat elsewhere. Waking up at dawn for a walk immersed in this ancient nature will become an opportunity to rediscover yourself and reconnect to the roots of the earth.
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